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• Design of reinforced concrete, steel and wooden structures

• Design of precast, prestressed and PT (post tensioned) concrete structures

• Design of hydraulic structures - swimming pools, reservoirs, water towers , water treatment plants

• Design of deep excavation shoring and soil slopes stabilization

• Design of TOP-DOWN and CUT-AND-COVER underground constructions

• Design of CPR (combined piled raft) foundation of high-rise buildings and chimneys

• Design of active isolation and damping structures

• Reconstruction and earthquake retrofit of existing buildings and structures

• Special foundations - piles, micro piles, screw (torque) piles, diaphragm walls, IBO anchors

• Advanced nonlinear studies of buildings and structures for vertical, seismic, wind, vibration and temperature loads

• Design of ground and roof structures for photovoltaic (solar) power plants

• Gravity, deep, monopile, offshore foundation of wind turbine plans

• Expert consultancy in the all field of construction


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